We know servicing your car can feel synonymous with a hassle, and our aim at Koons Woodbridge GMC is to change that perception. Just as we streamline your purchasing and financing of our vast inventory of new cars and used vehicles, we want to be the reliable, all-encompassing dealership you can trust. That starts with an attentive and knowledgeable staff who are not just highly trained but ease your experience by making sure you understand your car's needs, large to small.

Why Get Your Car Serviced at a Dealership?

You might think that it's more convenient to use the local repair shop or garage around the corner. It might be advertised as cheaper. But our expertly trained technicians work with the specific Buick models and GMC vehicles daily to know your needs. We know that a positive experience servicing your vehicle is meeting these factors:

  • Timely service scheduled around you.
  • Quick, but quality repairs.
  • Transparency of cost - and financing solutions.
  • Solutions explained and understood.

When Should I Bring In My Car for Maintenance, and Why?

When that light comes on your dashboard, it's easy to push it aside and keep driving on - particularly if you don't understand why each service check is important. Time is valuable, but maintaining your vehicle is invaluable. Here's why:

Keep Your Car Safe

You can't control the other drivers on the road, but you can lessen the chances of an accident through regular maintenance and repairs. That entails things like inspecting your brake pads, which we'll outline below.

Keep Your Costs Low

If you had a broken ankle, would you get it fixed? Sure. But if you have a sprained ankle and didn't get the proper care, then that sprain can turn to a fracture or leave long-lasting damage - when you simply could've seen a doctor. It's the same with your vehicle. Performing regular and timely repairs can make the difference between an inspection and a broken part. And your car never breaks down on your schedule or within budget. Maintenance gives you greater control over the longevity of your vehicle. 

Keep Your Value High

On the one hand, you might think that replacing your parts with brand-new ones could improve the value of your vehicle. But neglecting regular service can only worsen what your car may be worth. A potential buyer may request a copy of maintenance records, and they could see an abnormal level of replaced parts as a red flag for longevity. 

With those goals in mind, here are a few ways we strive to keep our drivers in the Woodbridge, Virginia area running safely and smoothly. 

Oil Changes

Perhaps the most important maintenance task for your vehicle is simple - regular oil changes. Despite advances in technology, the only way to keep your engine running is to lubricate it with clean oil. Among other vital roles, your oil helps transfer heat from certain parts of your engine. Dirt and other sediments build up over time and affect the efficiency of heat transfer. Simple upkeep prevents engine block cracking or warping in the long run. 

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

The general range is 7,500 to 10,000 miles, depending on your model and driving habits. For example, a long-distance driver would need more frequent changes than one who drives a few miles a day. Our local experts at Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC know your specific needs best, but if you hear a knocking or ticking sound or see the oil change texture or consistency, it's a sign the clock is ticking on your next oil change. 

Certified Brake Service

Without getting too technical, your braking system has several components that must work together - and be in the condition to do so. Have you noticed a squealing sound when you hit the brakes or need to hit them harder? It's time to check your brake system's brake pads, caliper, and rotors. When brake pads wear down, the rotor and caliper have nothing to press against, and metal-on-metal contact is never a good thing. We'll check these along with your brake lines, which carry the brake fluid to your wheels. 

Battery Service

There are ways to self-check your battery strength, but our professionals can diagnose your battery health and needs quickly and thoroughly. Batteries are one of the few car parts that simply have a life span and must be replaced. When conducting our battery checks, we will:

  • Inspect the battery, terminals, and battery cables to tighten. 
  • Clean any debris from the battery surface and terminals.
  • Perform a voltage and load test to check the battery life.

Tire Service and Wheel Alignment

Some simple services for your tires are a pressure check and tire rotation. Low pressure in your tires will use up a lot of gas, and too much reduces traction - increasing the chances of an accident. Regular rotations extend tire life through even wear. You might need a flat tire repair. It's important to check your wheel alignment to ensure your car drives at a straight angle to reduce wear and improve your mileage. 

Fluid Checks

Each vehicle has many fluids running through its components, and they all require different levels and care. Our service staff will check:

  • Engine oil.
  • Coolant.
  • Power steering fluid.
  • Transmission fluid.
  • Brake fluid.


Often, it just feels like something's off with your vehicle. It's just not running as it should. Rather than self-diagnose, allow us to check your air, fuel, and cabin air filters, and spark plugs - and replace them if necessary. The same goes for your spark plug wires. A simple engine inspection can diagnose the component that needs servicing. Let us shoulder that load at Koons Woodbridge GMC. 

Virginia State Inspection

Your annual state inspection is one of the quickest services we offer those in the Woodbridge, Virginia, area while ensuring all required elements are met. While you're here, have our expert technicians check out any dashboard lights or minor fixes that can save you time and money in the long run. 

With our service discounts and ease of scheduling, we strive to provide the utmost service tailored to your needs at Koons Woodbridge GMC. Our service representatives can help you find the right deal and proper maintenance to get you on the road as quickly and safely as possible.