Auto Service Specials & Coupons in Woodbridge, VA

Service Specials

Most ACDelco Gold (ACDelco Professional) Wiper Blades (per pair) Installed $49.95
Most ACDelco Gold (ACDelco Professional) Cabin Air Filters Installed $79.95
Most ACDelco Gold 30-MO (ACDelco Professional) Batteries Installed $189.95

30-month free-replacement limited warranty**

$200 GM Genuine Parts Engine, Transmission, or Transfer Case Rebate*

$200 rebate* on the purchase and installation of an eligible GM Genuine Parts Engine, Transmission, or Transfer Case.

Caring for your vehicle is important, and that's why we here at Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC have created a range of special offers on our premium service and parts. With our special deals, you know that you're getting the same high quality performance that we are known for at prices you simply can't beat. Here's everything you need to know about the parts and service specials from Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC's highly respected service center.

Why It's Important to Get Service For Your Vehicle

Professional servicing is one of the best decisions you can make with your car, truck, or SUV. When you rely on fixing your vehicle yourself, or taking it in to a shop with the high reputation of Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks or hardships. Just a few of the best reasons to stay on top of your vehicle's service and maintenance needs include:

  • Avoiding Damage: Prompt service and care for your vehicle helps to avoid further deterioration whenever a problem occurs. Often, problems in a car start out small, and can be fixed relatively easy and inexpensively if you take them into a professional service center as soon as they occur. When you leave a minor problem unaddressed, that's when it has time to grow into a major issue by creating further damage as other parts of your vehicle attempt to compensate for the malfunction.
  • Staying Safe: Modern automobiles have never been safer, with each new year of models featuring enhanced safety options to protect you and those you care about in your vehicle. When your car, truck, or SUV is not working as it's intended, however, the safety features may not be able to perform at their best. By taking your car in for servicing and restoring it to its ideal condition, you provide the protection you need to stay safe every time you get behind the wheel.
  • Saving Money: Addressing any issues with your vehicle as soon as you discover them is also an excellent way to keep your wallet full. When you allow a problem to grow by not addressing it quickly enough, it has the potential to significantly increase the cost of your repairs when you ultimately get your vehicle in for servicing. By fixing what's wrong and restoring your vehicle to its peak condition as quickly as possible, you minimize your exposure to costly repair bills or even the need for a new vehicle altogether.

How Koons Woodbridge Buick GMS's Service & Parts Specials Can Help You

When taking your car in for servicing, who you bring it to can be just as important as when you do so. If you have a vehicle and need of expert attention, the service professionals at Coons Woodbridge Buick GMC's service center can help. Here are a few of the best reasons to choose our team for your next servicing or repair: 

  • Fantastic Deals: We are proud to offer competitive pricing on all of our parts and service work. That's before you even consider the special offers that allow you to take our incredible prices and make them even better. When you shop with Koons Woodbridge Buick GMCs service specials, you get a combination of quality and price that you simply can't beat anywhere else.
  • Expert Care: Getting a great price on your vehicle service is important, but if you don't get great quality care to go with it, it can cost you in the long run when you need further repairs to fix a job that wasn't done right the first time. Our staff of service professionals are highly experienced and have built a strong reputation for providing quality care that leaves our customers happy. When you leave your car at Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC's service center, you can do so confident that you will get it back working the way it was intended to thanks to our professional care.
  • Quality Parts: High-quality auto service professionals understand the importance of installing high-quality auto parts. That's why we use only the most well regarded and longest lasting parts when servicing your vehicle. This ensures that your car leaves the lot fixed and stays that way for longer because of the high performance levels of our parts.

What Service Specials Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC Offers Specials On

If you're interested in learning more about the service and parts specials available from Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC, we're happy to say that we offer a variety of automobile servicing specials. Feel free to browse our current selection of specials, which includes offers such as:

  • Parts Rebates: With parts rebates, you receive cash back when installing high quality parts in your vehicle. From mail-in rebates to immediately applied rebates which discount your initial cost, these parts rebates can significantly decrease the cost of your car servicing.
  • Discount Service: Parts aren't the only place you can save with Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC, however. We also offer many excellent deals on our premium car, truck, and SUV service. With these offers, you get the same high quality care but at a discounted rate. This can help you save big when you have a vehicle in need of repairs or routine maintenance.
  • Complimentary Care: Anytime you bring in your vehicle for part replacements or repairs, the service professionals at Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC can provide you with complimentary care to enhance your experience. From performing an inspection of the vehicle to identifying any other areas for concern in order to make you aware of them, to checking important functions like your vehicle's alignment, our staff can help protect you from future problems today.

Koons Woodbridge Buick Is Your Stop for Buying, Selling and Servicing

The automotive parts and servicing available from Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC is the best dealership in and around Woodbridge, Virginia. if you have a vehicle that needs professional attention, schedule an appointment with us today. If you are looking to sell or trade-in your current vehicle, come see us to see how Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC can help.