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Tires are key ingredients to safety. They can also be an expensive investment, and not one you want to take too many chances with and risk getting the wrong kind or size. You don't have to be an expert on tires, but you can always have one on your side with certified GM maintenance and tire service.

Whether it's all-season tires, summer tires, or winter tires, or team can help you determine exactly what it is you, and your GM vehicle, need. Plus, since our technicians are GM trained and certified professionals, we know the perfect sizes and brands for each of our models.

Tips and Tricks for Extending the Life of Your Tires

At GM, we don't just want to sell you new tires and replace the worn ones you have. We want to help you get the most out of every tire investment you make with us. A new set of tires can be expensive, and we want to help your tire investment last as long as possible and keep you, and your family, safe. Let us tell you more about some of the services we recommend that can help extend tire health, then trust our certified technicians to help with the process.

Wheel Alignment

When a vehicle's wheels are misaligned, it can cause the tires to wear unevenly. There can also be noticeable performance issues behind the wheel, including handling problems, pulling, or vibrating. But getting your wheels serviced by a GM professional technician, and always maintaining proper wheel alignment, can ensure even wear and tear and prolong tire life.

If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side or the other, or if there's a vibrating feeling when you're driving on a smooth road, consider getting an alignment check. An out-of-balance tire can affect the life of your tire, as well as other essential parts, including your suspension, shocks, and bearings. Schedule an appointment with a GM tire professional to stay on top of your wheel alignment and extended your tire life.

Tire Rotation

One of the easiest and most essential things you can do to protect your tire health is a regular, routine tire rotation. Tire rotations performed at regular intervals help improve performance, prolong tire life, and achieve uniform wear and tear for all tires.

Tire rotations should be performed every few thousand miles, around every 7,500 miles, and can easily be done when you're getting your oil changed. Every tire performs a different function depending on where it is on the car and rotating them to different positions can help each wear the same way. Trust our GM technicians to expertly perform all tire rotations and to follow a proper, manufacturer recommended, rotating patter.

Tire Pressure

A tire that is underinflated or overinflated will also wear unevenly. Every tire comes with a manufacturer recommendation for proper inflation and keeping this recommended tire pressure is essential to maintenance.

External factors can affect your tire pressure, too. Weather conditions, including extremely cold temperatures, can play a major role in your tire pressure. We recommend you check your tire pressure often during colder months.

Properly inflated tires do more than help your tire health, too. Tire pressure can also affect ride comfort, vehicle fuel consumption and efficiency, stopping distance, cornering, and more.

NitroFill Your Tires for the Best Vehicle Performance

Replacing the air in your tires might seem like a simple thing - put air in, and you're good to go, right? While it might seem easy, you can increase your tire's performance and lifespan based on what you put into the tires. With NitroFill, you can properly maintain your tires and increase their life by as much as 50% - who doesn't want tires that last longer? Let our service team show you the benefits of NitroFill and why you should choose it for your driving experience!

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Kim Bryson

3 weeks ago

Very Professional!


3 weeks ago

Excellent service, Aaron exceeded our expectations!! GREAT JOB!!

Linda Van Landuyt

3 weeks ago

They did a great job and finished early. Thanks Dan Morningstar and the service team. I always depend on you guys. Thank you 😊

Scott Robert

1 month ago

Dan in the Service Department is the BEST! His friendly and knowledgeable service has kept us coming back to the dealership for 10+ Years.

William Moreira

1 month ago

If I can get a vehicle then anyone should be able too. I came here expecting to be shut down in trying to purchase a vehicle that helped with my needs. So far they did not let me down. The Financing...

Joe Torian

2 months ago

Great public service. No pressure at all to buy a car. Thanks Brian and Cam

Michael Shaw

2 months ago

Great service professional and courteous

Michael Dawes

3 months ago

Great service and friendly staff. I would recommend their service department. I would highly recommend Eli Tohmeh Service Director.

James Cassidy

3 months ago

I received quality service, along with a good price. Work was done in a timely and expedient manner.

David Starkston

4 months ago

I have been taking my vehicles here for over 20 years. They are courteous, professional, and trustworthy. It is important to me to know that they are honest about what my vehicle needs and willing to...

Edmond Menoche

4 months ago

This is my go-to dealership when I need dealer-type service. I stopped by because the service station across the road would not perform a safety inspection on my dually pickup (even though they did so...

James Stratton Jr

4 months ago

This was my first time using this dealership. They were professional and fixed my issue quickly and correctly. I would definitely recommend them!

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