Our highly trained and experienced staff at Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC is standing by, ready to help you with all of your vehicle's service needs. No job is too big or too small. Our staff has the training to complete small jobs such as a simple oil change or battery check and large repair jobs, but no matter what we do, we will make sure your vehicle is reliable, safe, and ready to hit the road. 

Whether you have a new Buick or GMC or a pre-owned vehicle, we are here to provide exceptional service. You can call the service center to schedule your appointment or get started with our online form. Take a look at some of the most common service items. 

Oil Change

A routine oil change is one of the most critical maintenance items you can do for your vehicle. It keeps the oil clean and ensures that the engine keeps running smoothly. The oil is essential to the engine, and since all its parts rely on the oil to move properly, regular oil changes and filter changes prevent inadequate lubrication and help to avoid clogging. Schedule your next oil change at Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC to keep your engine running at its best.

Brake Service

We provide full brake service to ensure you always have the stopping power you need to stay safe. The braking system has several interlocking components that all work together, and each one needs to be in good condition for the whole system to work. Whether the brake light on your dash comes on or you notice that your car doesn't stop as quickly as it should, our service staff has the training to perform a brake check and replace any worn components.

Some of the braking components we will check include:

  • Brake pads. Brake pads are used with disc braking systems. They press against the rotor to create friction, which slows down the wheel.
  • Rotors. The rotor is one of the main components of disc brakes. They attach to the wheel and spin with it. When the pads press against the rotor, it slows and stops spinning, which stops the wheel.
  • Caliper. The caliper is a large clamp that uses hydraulic pressure to push the brake pads against the rotor.
  • Brake lines. The brake lines carry the brake fluid from the master cylinder to the wheels.
  • Brake fluid. The brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that transfers force into pressure to amplify braking force. 

If needed, we will replace any of these components. The brake pads are the most common brake maintenance item and need replacing more often than the other components. Since they create the necessary friction to stop the vehicle, they tend to wear down first. 

Battery Service

The battery provides electrical power needed to start the vehicle and power items you plug into the vehicle, such as mobile phones. If you notice that the headlights seem dim, there's a clicking sound when you turn the key, or the engine is slow to turn over, the battery is probably weak. Schedule a time to bring your vehicle into Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC for a battery check, and we will:

  • Inspect the battery, the terminals, and the battery cables.
  • Clean the surface and terminals.
  • Perform a voltage and load test.

Car batteries have a predetermined life span, so if we find that you need a new battery, our service technicians will remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. During the replacement process, we will clean any debris from the battery holder, tighten and check all the cables and hold-down clamps, and treat the battery cables to help prevent corrosion.

Tire Service and Wheel Alignment

Our service team has the knowledge and qualifications to take care of all your tire needs. Some of the tire services we will perform include:

  • Tire pressure check. Maintaining the correct tire pressure is essential for safe driving. Low pressure will result in poor fuel economy, and if it's too high, it reduces traction. Poor traction can result in an accident.
  • Tire rotation. Regular tire rotations ensure even wear on all four tires and extend tire life. 
  • Flat tire repair. A low or flat tire will stop you in your tracks. Our team will determine the reason for the flat and decide whether we can fix it or if you need a new tire. 
  • Wheel alignment. Wheel alignments reduce excess tire wear, keep the car from pulling to one side, and help with handling. 

Fluid Checks

Every vehicle has several fluids that run through the components, and each one needs to be at a certain level to keep the car running properly. You can schedule a fluid check and have our service staff take a look at the engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.


Do you feel like your car is just not running as it should? A regular tuneup should be done about once a year to ensure the engine is running at max efficiency, but if you notice that it's running rough, you can bring it in for a tuneup. Call or go online to schedule a time, and we will give it a good once over. During a general tuneup, the technicians will inspect the engine, replace the spark plugs, check the air filter and replace it if necessary, replace the fuel filter, and replace the spark plug wires if needed. We can also check the cabin air filter and other engine components.

Virginia State Inspection

Need a state inspection? Bring your car or truck to Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC for your annual Virginia state inspection. We can get you in and out of the shop in a short amount of time while ensuring that all the required elements of the inspection are done.

Scheduling service at Koons Woodbridge Buick GMC is quick and easy whether you want to call and speak with one of our service representatives or use the online form. We look forward to providing you with all of your service needs and getting you safely back on the road. 

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